The folling table shows the publications of the R-WAKE project:


Title Type Dissemination Delivery date Download link
D1.2 Final report Report Public 15/03/2018 Report (pdf)
D2.1 System Specification Report CO 13/10/2016
D2.2 System Validation Plan Report CO 13/10/2016
D2.3 Scenario Definition Document Report CO 13/10/2016
D3.1 R-Wake System Design Document Report CO 01/03/2017
D4.1 R-Wake System 1st Release Demo & Report CO 19/04/2017
D4.2 R-Wake System 2nd Release Demo & Report CO 09/10/2017
D4.3 System Validation Report Report CO 01/02/2017
D5.1 Simulation Result Database Demo & Report Public 06/03/2018 Report (pdf) / Demo (zip)
D5.2 Safety and Robustness Analysis Report Report CO 06/03/2018
D5.3 Assessment Report Report CO 12/03/2018
D6.1 Report on communication and dissemination Report Public 06/03/2018 Report (pdf) / Annex (zip)
Project Presentation to SESAR Scientific Committee meeting Presentation Public 06/02/2018 Presentation (pdf)